There are few places in the Americas that offer such tremendous diversity as Belize. Where else in the world (within two hours flying from Miami or Houston) can you find pristine rainforests, coral reefs, tropical wildlife, Mayan archaeology and rich cultural diversity within a democratic, English speaking nation? With over one hundred years as a colony of Great Britain, (Belize, formerly known as British Honduras) is a young nation having gained its new name in 1971 and its independence in 1981. Unlike many other countries in Central America, Belize, with a population of barely 250,000 people, has managed to protect much of its world renowned coral reefs, tropical rainforests and rivers. Offshore of the mainland lies a 165 mile long coral reef (the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere) and in a matter of a few hours one can travel from this postcard perfect Caribbean setting into the Maya Mountains, where some of the largest tracts of rainforest remaining in Central America lie hidden.

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Wildlife abounds; the rainforests are home to jaguar and mountain cow, tayra, agouti and howler monkey. The bird life is world famous; this is a land where it is still possible to see the legendary harpy eagle in the wild and where colorful tropical birds like toucans, trogons and oropendolas are seen daily. And if this is not enough, the Mayan civilization in Belize stretches back forty centuries with over 600 archaeological sites in Belize alone. Today, the main languages of Belize are English, Creole and Spanish and Belize has a relatively modern infrastructure with safe food and clean drinking water. Join us as we explore the most exciting adventure travel destination in the Americas.

"I have been leading students on travel programs throughout my career. From day trips to nearby parks to a sixteen-day tour of France and Switzerland, my experiences have been memorable and informing. However, none of these experiences have had the impact of the two weeks spent with Island Expeditions in the incredible country of Belize"
-David Maher, English Department, Oldfields School

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